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Fire Alarm Systems

RE-102ET/104ET is a right blend of affordable design and quality with latest technology for fire alarm...

Gas Release Systems

Multi zone Addressable and Conventional Gas release panels for the various fire suppression systems.

Deluge Valve Systems

This DV panel will be the electrical interface between the DV and the Site Fire alarm system... 

Water Leak Detector

A conventional fire panel is manufactured to the same high quality of all PCD products...

Linear Heat Sensing Systems

LHS Alarm Point Locator is a microprocessor based product. The LHS cable is a... 

Annunciation Systems

This Alarm annunciation panel is designed to convert a switch input signal into an alarm signal... 

Flameproof Systems

All Features and Operation Same as DVP 01P1 Except that Audio Alarm and Silence feature...

Accessories & Modules

This is a 2 wire device which can pass an electric signal in either direction 

but limit the transfer...

Public Address Integrated System

The PCD 2020 is an intelligent 'Zone' master/slave unit capable of communicating via...

Fireman Talkback Integrated System

Alarm will sound with Flashing LED when call is received. After Lifting  hand set Alarm...


PCD Linovate Global

Fire is a ruthless taskmaster. If neglected, it can turn into a catastrophe. Therefore, while you work for the best we prepare you for the worst.

For the past 25+ years, PCD Fire Systems (belonging to PCD Linovate Global, aka PLG) has equipped its consumers with the best fire safety equipment to detect, control and fight fire more effectively.

When everyone else was making fire alarm switches, we dared to dream big. We dreamed of FIRE PREVENTION before it was a thing. Back then, fire safety did not mean prevention. It only meant dealing with an already started fire. Fires were then left to chance, resulting in massive losses of life and property.

It was then, in 1993, an exceptional visionary saw potential in fire detection, protection and safety equipment manufacturing. With Mr. Rozario at the helm, the dream to make it one of the most illustrious and prominent fire safety equipment manufacturers in India has come true.

With technology at its frontier, PCD Fire Systems provides the highest quality fire safety products that are RELIABLE and ROBUST. With its zero failure rate and the need for little to no maintenance, you cannot go wrong with the PLG promise.
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